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Our new online catalog at provides technical and purchase information for Care Electronics, Inc. systems, monitors and other products that enhance the comfort, safety and security of people in your care. We encourage you to review our entire product line and then call or e-mail us for information about how these products may be used in your home or facility.

Care Electronics, Inc. has established its reputation by providing several quality monitoring systems.

For Personal Use at Home:

WanderCARE monitor

WanderCARE 100T- This product is a monitoring and tracking device for Alzheimer's patients and Individuals with Down Syndrome, Autism, and other developmental problems who tend to become disoriented and wander away

lost child
The WanderCARE 100T system is especially useful for
individualized care in the home.
The transmitter is worn on the wrist, ankle, belt or as shown here, carried in a special fanny pack. The transmitter is uniquely coded providing a personal identifier for the individual.(learn more?)

The Pull-for-Help Emergency Phone is activated by a cordless "Pull For Help" transmitter or one-touch emergency button. It sends a personalized, prerecorded emergency voice message (up to 20 seconds in length) three times to four different numbers. The automatic 2-way speakerphone activates immediately after the prerecorded message is delivered.(Learn more?)
Emergency phone
Emergency button
This Personal Emergency Response telephone is easy to use and provides increased confidence to seniors who wish to remain in their homes.
The cordless transmitter is water-resistant and is comfortably worn around the neck or in a pocket.  

For Facility Care:

We offer a range of safety alarms (Mobility Monitors, sensor pad Occupancy Monitors for chair or bed, Incontinence monitors and the new UltraCare sensing system) to provide safety monitoring for persons in nursing homes and home health care settings.

The PatientCARE Wanderer Monitoring System is a simple, affordable way to monitor residents who tend to wander. For mobile residents there is also the wireless nurse call pendant to allow residents to summon help no matter where they are.

We also offer a hands-free wireless radio system to improve communication among your staff without disturbing residents who may be asleep.

We invite your suggestions for products which would improve your effectiveness as a care provider. Custom solutions are available.

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